60 min workout 4 days program
Release date: August 2020

60 min workout 4 days program

Equipment: Fitness Mat

60 min

Per day

4 Days


60 min workout 4 days program

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59 min
【60分】即3kg痩せたい人集合!滝汗パンチ有酸素運動 | Muscle Watching


65 min
【60分】寝たまま正月太り解消!速攻1kg痩せる!すごい滝汗60分 | Muscle Watching


68 min
【60分】今すぐ1kg痩せる!正月太り解消すごい滝汗で秒速ダイエット! | Muscle Watching


61 min
[一気痩せするならこれ] 10分ずつ6回に分けてやっても効果あり!f.t.ナツトレTV


1. Should I rest if I have muscle pain?

-If you have heavy muscle pain, you should take a rest. But, you can workout if you have light muscle pain. With or without muscle pain, you can do cardio exercise and stretching.
Check this video.

2. How long can I lose weight?

-Many successful people have been exercising for a year. If you have been exercising for a year, you will not gain weight again. Many failing people lose weight temporarily in a short period, but when they stop exercising, they gain weight again. You should workout for a year.
Check this video.

3.Should I workout everyday?

-Of course you can rest. However, there are many stretching videos that can be done in 5 minutes a day. Feel free to exercise.
Check 5 minutes playlist.

4. How many minutes should I workout a day?

-5 minutes or 10 minutes is enough. Of course you can exercise longer than that. It's important to continue doing, there is no need to force it for a long time.

5. Why can I lose weight by easy and short exercise?

-There is a big difference between not doing a little exercise and doing a little exercise. In many cases, a little exercise can help you lose weight. It does not matter if you do hard and long exercises. But it is not necessary.

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