May 31 days program
Release date: May 2021

May 31 days program

5-10 min

Per day

31 Days


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6 min
[1日1回] -5cm!立ったまま外もも+内もも+おへそ周りの脂肪を落とす!


12 min
[運動なし] 座って動かず世界一簡単に痩せられる神ダイエット!毎日座ったまま出来ます!


12 min
[1日1回] 寝たまま世界一簡単にお尻を鍛える神ヒップアップ!毎日寝たまま出来ます!


11 min
[1日1回] うつ伏せで世界一簡単に脂肪を減らす神ダイエット!毎日寝たまま出来ます!


11 min
[1日1回] 便秘改善筋トレ&マッサージ by ビオフェルミン製薬


11 min
[1日1回] 世界一簡単に痩せられる神ダイエット!毎日寝たまま出来ます!


5 min
[1回で効く] 太ももに5cm隙間を作るスクワット!


21 min
[1回で効く] 鎖骨から顔までスッキリ痩せる @美容整体師川島さん。


10 min
[14日で完成] 毎日10分美尻トレ!

DAY 10

10 min
[運動なし] -5cm!1回で効く押すだけ美脚マッサージ @MaoMao TV

DAY 11

5 min
[毎日1回] 1ヶ月で腹筋を割る筋トレ+有酸素運動

DAY 12

5 min
[1回で効く] 下腹が5cm引き締まる骨盤トレ!

DAY 13

10 min
[二重あご] 首から顎の脂肪を落とす顔やせエクササイズ @MaoMao TV

DAY 14

10 min
[今すぐ効く] 10分で内ももに5cm隙間!

DAY 15

10 min
[10分] ヒップアップ +5 cm お尻引き締め!1日1回を1週間!@Priyanka Yoshikawa

DAY 16

10 min
[ビキニ] 10分で胸の脂肪を増やす!1日1回を1週間! @小顔王子の中井さん。

DAY 17

5 min
[ビキニ] 5分で内もも-5cm太もも痩せ!1日1回を1週間! @愛チャンネル / 青木愛 official

DAY 18

11 min
[毎朝10分] 世界最速でやせるマサチューセッツ神ヨガ

DAY 19

5 min
[爆速] 5分で太もも-5cm内ももに隙間!1日1回を1週間!@愛チャンネル / 青木愛 official

DAY 20

5 min
[青木愛] 1日5分を7日!立ったまま腹筋に縦線を入れる運動

DAY 21

10 min
[11キロやせた] 背中と足が2回り細くなる最強バンザイランジ @Ruri Ohama

DAY 22

5 min
[青木愛] 肩の脂肪をガツンと落とす最強美姿勢エクササイズ!

DAY 23

5 min
[11キロやせた] お腹が2回り細くなる最強足パカ腹筋 @Ruri Ohama

DAY 24

10 min
[やせるダンス] 運動嫌いにおすすめ!たのしく踊るだけで体がひきしまる

DAY 25

5 min
[最近どハマり] バストアップと良い姿勢が手に入るよ!まずは3日試してみて!

DAY 26

10 min
[10分] 背中の脂肪-5cm脇肉スッキリ解消!1日1回を1週間!

DAY 27

5 min
[7日やろう] 目の周りの脂肪(しみ・しわ・たるみ・くすみ)を落とすマッサージ

DAY 28

5 min
[3 days] Beautiful collarbone & shoulder blades exercise

DAY 29

10 min
[7 days] Peach hips! Tiny waist and slim butt! 7日間でぷりぷりお尻!

DAY 30

5 min
[7 days] Slim belly + inner thigh! Fix rib flare + bowlegs! 7日間で下腹と内もも引き締めて肋骨締め+O脚改善

DAY 31

10 min
[XS night routine] Slim waist stretch in 7 days! [XSナイトルーティン] 7日間で小さなウエストになるストレッチ!


1. Should I rest if I have muscle pain?

-If you have heavy muscle pain, you should take a rest. But, you can workout if you have light muscle pain. With or without muscle pain, you can do cardio exercise and stretching.
Check this video.

2. How long can I lose weight?

-Many successful people have been exercising for a year. If you have been exercising for a year, you will not gain weight again. Many failing people lose weight temporarily in a short period, but when they stop exercising, they gain weight again. You should workout for a year.
Check this video.

3.Should I workout everyday?

-Of course you can rest. However, there are many stretching videos that can be done in 5 minutes a day. Feel free to exercise.
Check 5 minutes playlist.

4. How many minutes should I workout a day?

-5 minutes or 10 minutes is enough. Of course you can exercise longer than that. It's important to continue doing, there is no need to force it for a long time.

5. Why can I lose weight by easy and short exercise?

-There is a big difference between not doing a little exercise and doing a little exercise. In many cases, a little exercise can help you lose weight. It does not matter if you do hard and long exercises. But it is not necessary.

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