Released on June 30, 2017 ! Beauty is made of beautiful muscles (KADOKAWA) (Japanese version)

The waist is tight! Even the upper arm is thin! 1 minute beauty body method

◆ Popular trainer makes a special “Beauty Body Method” into a book ◆

[Voice of the experiencer]

“Starting the strongest menu for a month and losing 7 kg!” (30 years old)
“Let your thighs get thinner and you can wear jeans!” (Late 50s)
“Let’s wear clothes one size lower!” (Early 40s)
“I was surprised by my friends and boyfriend that I was a little thin” (early 30s)

Comparing the same weight of fat and muscle, it is fat that has the larger volume. Therefore, people with the same weight but with a lot of fat look big and slack, and people with a lot of muscle mass look tight. We work our muscles in daily posture maintenance and movements such as standing, walking, and sitting. At this time, the muscles that are difficult to use weaken and it becomes easier for fat to build up around them. Especially vulnerable

■ Gluteus medius next to the buttocks
■ Adductor muscle of inner thigh
■ Hamstrings on the back of the thighs

Therefore, many people are suffering from lower body weight such as thighs and buttocks. To create a beautiful body line
The point is to activate by exercising with priority on weakened muscles.