Released on January 30, 2020 ! “Swelling muscle training”(KADOKAWA)

Just raise your legs! Gap in your thighs! Change your swelling constitution and feel refreshed every morning!

The second popular youtuber, which has grown from 160,000 registrants to over 860,000 (registrants) in just two years. It swells quickly in the evening. When I wake up in the morning, I’m sick … I’m exercising, but I can’t lose weight immediately. Even though I’m careful about my diet, I’m sick immediately …

Just raise your foot for a minute to improve lymphatic and blood flow, and get results in haste! And improve your swelling. Promote blood flow → Muscle training → Escape from swelling constitution by aerobic exercise and become lean constitution.

Why is it not enough to just let the blood flow? The more muscle you have, the better your blood circulation and the better your nutrition will be. Failure to receive nutrition can cause the second problem of age spots, wrinkles and sagging. Improves lymphatic flow → Stretch → -Massage If the lymphatic vessels are clogged, waste products will not flow easily, causing sagging, swelling, and cellulite, and metabolism will also decrease.