This is an event held in the past! Notification of the event is posted on various SNS!

[September 2019] YouTube corporate event

Participated as a guest speaker in the official YouTube event for listed companies.

[May 2019] Women-only waterfall sweat party


[Free] An event to spread a fun way to diet even for people who are not good at exercising and dislike it

[December 2018] YouTube Space TOKYO Waterfall Sweat Party

[October 2018] Appointed as Myprotein Ambassador

Appointed as Myprotein Ambassador (in Manchester, England)

[September 2018]Lecturer at an event held at Kyoto Sangyo University

An event entitled “Community Contribution with YouTube Now” to disseminate the charm of the local area using YouTube

[September 2018] Time Bank Event

[April 2018] Lecturer, Knowledge Capital University

Classes at Grand Front Osaka about “living with what you like”

[March 2018] GMO TECH x Regrafiti co-sponsored “Influencer Support Event” Speaker

[March 2017] Beautiful body make-up strongest diet lesson

1 hour free lesson for women to lose weight and build beautiful muscles!

[February 2017] YouTube study session in Osaka Lecturer

[January 2017] Muscle Boot Camp

【2017年1月】YouTube Creator Day

I participated as a lecturer in the study session “YouTube Creator Day” for YouTube creators held in YouTube Space Tokyo!

[December 2016] YouTube Osaka Happy Hour Year-end Party