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  • 2021年2月23日
  • 2021年2月23日
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Hello I love you, it’s me Tatsuya from Muscle Watching.

Today I’d like to talk about topics related to muscle pain.

Very small holes are made in the muscle, and pain is caused by the pain substance approaching to repair holes.

When holes are made in the muscle, water will come out from there.

As a result, it becomes swelling and it becomes easy to gain weight and it becomes difficult to lose weight.

It means that you will gain weight temporarily by water.

This is why it is easy to gain weight during the first month of muscle workout. However, there are benefits to muscle pain.

If you have muscle pain, you will burn about 200 calories more than usual.

So if you have muscle pain every day, you can burn more fat.

Muscle pain will recover in about a week.

Then there is no swelling, and you lose weight.

By making muscle pain in various parts every day, you can get a constitution that makes it easy for you to lose fat.

The best way to get muscle pain is to add new exercises.

That’s a first move for you and the load is higher than usual.

I have a free workout program so that you can do new exercises every day.

Please check my website musclewatching.com

Thank you I love you.

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